EZ Dock Released the EZ Kayak Launch – To Rave Reviews

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The EZ Kayak Launch debuted at the 2017 Boat Show in Toronto – And it Did Not Disappoint!

Anyone who has attempted to get in, launch, or dock a kayak without dumping themselves in the water certainly knows it can be a challenge, especially for first-timers or older people. These were the functional guidelines the engineers at EZ Dock used to create the innovative and intelligently designed EZ Kayak Launch.

For years we have had customers asking us if EZ Dock produced some type of kayak ramp or lift to launch and store kayaks. Many asked us about using EZ Ports as a solution for their kayak needs, and it was these types of inquiries that spawned this unique addition to the EZ Dock product line.

The Smartly Designed EZ Kayak Launch

Docking or Launching – The EZ Kayak’s Design Makes You a Pro>

The EZ Kayak Launch showcases a similar V-shape entry point made popular by the EZ Port Max 2i. Any aspiring or seasoned kayaker knows – it’s the entry and exit of this watercraft that can be the most challenging; but not now!

There’s Simply No Chance Of Tipping – Nothing But Control


The cut-out paddle-notch integration is well thought-out and aesthetically logical. It provides any kayaker with a safe and consistent entry or exit without the possibility of tipping.

Like all EZ Dock products – the EZ Kayak Launch can be connected to any existing EZ Dock or traditional fixed or floating dock system. This product is a kayakers’ delight. In fact, when it was released – an EZ Dock GTA team member decided to take up kayaking. We really do get everyone out on the water!

Everything about the design and conception of this kayak launch has been aimed at efficiency and safety. This unit provides any skill level of kayaker with the confidence to launch and dock like a pro.

EZ Dock GTA – What’s New

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It may only be January, But Our Team is in Full-swing Gearing Up for the New Season – It’s Boat Show Time!

Ahoy there,

It’s that time of year again! From January 12th-21st 2018, EZ Dock GTA will be at the Enercare Centre at Exhibition Place for the Toronto International Boat Show. Never experienced an EZ Dock before? We build the indoor lake just for people like you!

Come Walk On Water with Us and see why EZ Docks are the Boat Show Choice

Last year at the Toronto Boat Show, Kayakers and Canoers alike were thrilled when EZ Dock premiered its new EZ Kayak Launch. The newest EZ Dock innovation to hit the water was welcomed with choruses of “Finally!” from grateful kayak enthusiasts across Ontario.

Dozens of EZ Kayak Launches are now in Lakes and Marinas from Niagara to Peterborough.

The Full Product Line of EZ Dock has a New Grey Colour!

EZ Dock also answered the clamouring for a new colour in its product line. 2017 saw the addition of grey applied to every product and accessory, and customers lined up to be the first to build their waterfront vision in the new grey.

The rumour is true – a NEW EZ Port is coming!

We expect to have news about this new PWC Port in early April

As soon as we have the details about the design and release – You’ll be the first to know. In the meantime – come to the EZ Dock display and celebrate 60 Years of the Toronto International Boat Show with us! Can’t make it to the show? Check out the Toronto Boat Shows’ Live Feed video from the Indoor Lake.

EZ Dock GTA at the Toronto Boat Show! Limited Time Pricing

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The Toronto Boat Show begins today, and so do the best deals of the season.

We’re happy once again to be a supporting partner and the dock system of choice for the Toronto International Boat Show. Celebrating its 60th anniversary, the boat show continues to be an event for boating and waterfront enthusiasts and product presenters from around the world.

We know that not everyone can make it out to the show, but that shouldn’t mean you have to miss out on the best deals of the year.

During the course of the boat show we will be running special pricing, but it ends at midnight on January 21st.

Toronto Boat Show Special EZ Dock Pricing

Single EZ Port Max 2i with Floating Hinge Adaptor Kit – Boat Show Special Price – $2,500 all-in! Or Go for 2 Max 2i’s with Hinge Kit for $4,875.
Single EZ Port VXP with Floating Hinge Adaptor Kit – Boat Show Special Price – $2,100 all-in! Or go for 2 Max’s with Hinge Kit for $4,075.

Connecting Your EZ Ports to Fixed Docks?

Single EZ Port Max 2i with Fixed Dock Anchoring – Boat Show Special Price – $3,000 all-in! Or Go for 2 Max 2i’s to a fixed dock $5,175

Single EZ Port VXP with Fixed Dock Anchoring – Boat Show Special Price – $2,700 all-in! Or Go for 2 VXPs to a fixed dock $4,500

Email us here to secure this deal with a deposit