The rubber coupler set is the functional cornerstone of the EZ Dock System

Every dock section, EZ port, anchoring option or accessory, utilizes this brilliantly simple 3-piece coupling system to connect, protect, and provide unmatched stability in the water. Featuring two couplers and a nylon-composite rod and nut – the coupler connection system effectively keeps thousands of pounds of EZ Docks connected and protected against the destructive nature of water current, chop, and fluctuating levels.

The Coupler System is Simple, Strong, Resilient, and Flexible

Simple – A 3-piece system that connects all EZ Dock products together

Strong – Can absorb up to 4,400 pounds of torsion (twisting pressure)

Resilient – The degenerative elements of weather cannot break them down

Flexible – No matter the directional torquing movement of the water, couplers flex to protect the docks

EZ Dock Coupler Set

The Tensile Strength of the Coupler system is the key to the Long Lifespan of an EZ Dock System

Any waterfront owner knows just how susceptible docks can be to the constant bombardment of the destructive and unpredictable behaviour of water movement. The swirling currents of water can wreak havoc on fixed or floating docks over time. It is this susceptibility to breaking down that the engineers at EZ Dock focused on when designing the functional abilities of the coupler system.

The movement of a body of water is not linear, it moves based on weather conditions, bed slope, bed shape, obstructions and human elements. All of these environmental factors act upon and influence the constant movement of a body of water. Regardless of the way our eyes interpret it, water is not moving in one direction. Water movement is at the mercy of everything from terrestrial factors to gravity, and even the effects of the moon.

What does this have to do with your floating dock system?

Simple, the omnidirectional motion of water constantly exacts torsional pressure (of different levels) on docks. It’s this unrelenting twisting pressure that can ultimately break down a dock system over time.

EZ Docks are engineered with a protective element in its design – the coupler. The coupler is not solely the connective linchpin of EZ Docks, it’s the key component to their longevity. Each coupler is constructed to absorb and effectively disperse the torsion of water movement, up to 4,000 lbs of twisting pressure per coupler! It’s this combination of absorptive and dispersive functionality that protects your EZ Dock against virtually any torsional stress. Just think, if you have an EZ Dock system featuring 4 x 80” sections connected end to end – it’s utilizing 12 coupler sets – which is 24 individual couplers. If each coupler can withstand up to 4,000+ lbs of pressure; that means this setup would boast in excess of 96,000 lbs of protection against the adverse effects water torsion. This is how EZ Dock created the world’s strongest floating dock system.

Here’s How Couplers Connect Your EZ Dock System

Each rubber coupler features a top and bottom, the bottom is identified by a slightly tapered design to fit snugly in the dock pockets on both the top and underside of the dock.

EZ Dock Couplers Protect Docsk

When connecting two EZ Dock sections, a nylon rod is inserted into one coupler and secured with a hammer. The coupler with the rod is then seated in the custom in-water installation tool which is submerged in the water and slid between the dock sections being connected. Once the pocket is reached, the coupler is pulled up into the pocket from under the dock. As the coupler is pulled into the bottom pockets the rod reaches the top coupler where the nut is inserted and screwed to securely pull the coupler set together, completing the coupling. EZ Dock sections have pockets spaced every 20” around its perimeter, top, and bottom. These pockets seat the tapered couplers above and beneath the water to connect dock sections in virtually any configuration.

EZ Dock Connection Pockets

The Strength, Flexibility, and Resiliency of the patented Coupler system is what makes everything EZ Docks can do – Possible