EZ Port Max2i

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 The EZ Port Max 2i is the Dry Dock Solution Your Personal Watercraft Deserves

Specs: 168” x 58.5” x 14.6” | Weight Capacity: – 1,700 lbs. (771 Kg) | Weight: 350 lbs. (159 Kg)

EZ Dock has been perfecting the drive-on personal watercraft lift since 1991. EZ Ports remain at the forefront of the personal watercraft industry through consistent innovation that keeps pace with the advancements in PWC technology and performance. As the machines increase in size, hull shape, engine size (weight), EZ Dock engineers actively respond to these changes by optimizing the critical build characteristics of EZ Dock PWC lifts – cradling, protecting, launching, and docking.

EZ Port Max 2i Seadoo Lift

As the originator of the first Drive-on PWC lift, EZ Dock’s line of PWC Ports have become the sought-after solution for personal watercraft owners looking for an easy and safe way to dry-dock their machines.

As personal watercraft manufacturers continue to expand their product lines, the design of the EZ Ports has continued to adapt to the requisite innovation. The EZ Port Max 2i Features the Ultimate in Personal Watercraft Drive-on Docking:

Connected EZ Port Max 2i

A completely adjustable 12 roller system:

  • The EZ Port Max 2i features 12 rollers that adjust to provide the optimal cradle stance that ensures the entire hull of your machine is effectively supported once docked

EZ Port Max 2i Roller System

Split-tail Entry Design:

  • The EZ Port Max 2i features a market-first Split-tail design, which makes drive-on docking a breeze. Regardless of the operator’s experience, the split-tail design will automatically orient and guide your machine for easy entry. 

EZ Port Max 2i Split Tail Entry

Self Centering Cradle:

  • As your PWC smoothly climbs into the Max 2i, the roller system and the deeper hull cradle work in unison to centre its position for a perfect dry-docking experience, every time.

Integrated Buoyancy Cradle:

  • The Max 2i is designed with a pronounced curved bottom for increased buoyancy to support larger and heavier machines.

Optimal Freeboard Height:

  • As with all EZ Dock pieces, EZ Ports sit with less than 2 inches of their 15-inch total height beneath the water’s surface. This stance keeps your PWC situated completely out of the water, away from potential damage once docked.

EZ Port Max 2i Free board height

Walk-Around Deck:

  • The EZ Port Max 2i boasts a deck that provides ample room to comfortably disembark, tie down, and easily apply a cover to your machine.

Built-In Tie Downs:

  • EZ Ports have integrated bow tie down points for additional security once your machine is docked. You can rest easy leaving the cottage with the Max 2i protecting your PWC.

EZ Port Max 2i Bow Tie Downs

Self-Contained & Maintenance Free:

  • EZ Ports – like all EZ Docks – are single-piece, enclosed moulds with nothing but air inside. They require absolutely no yearly maintenance short of being pulled from the water and a good pressure washing at the beginning end of each season.

EZ Port Max 2i Enclosed Mould

EZ Ports Prolong the Life of Your PWC By Keeping it Docked Out of the Water – Avoiding:

  • Excessive turbulence due to water chop and wake boats
  • Banging against the dock or being pinched under the dock during unsettled weather conditions
  • Osmosis related damage from extensive idle time in the water
  • A long process each time you want to launch and dock your PWC
  • Say Goodbye to Whips, Cables, Hoisting, Zebra Mussels, Wake damage, Trailer-docking, frayed wires, Damaged Gunwales or Gel-coat Touch-ups;

There’s no point in spending money on a personal watercraft only to allow it to sit out in the elements all the time. Let the EZ Port Max 2i protect your investment!

EZ Port Max 2i Frequently Asked Questions

Will my family be able to launch and dock the machine?

  • The design of the EZ Port Max 2i specifically addressed ease-of-use launching. With the extensive roller system and cradle stance, any rider (regardless of age or physical strength) can effortlessly roll any size of watercraft off the Max 2i.

Is it going to drive up over the front?

  • Given the sheer power of personal watercraft these days, a machine could certainly propel itself and overshoot any lift (given that it is a ramp). Having said that, if that did happen, it would have to be the result of over throttling. In order to dry dock on an EZ Port, you should not be driving in with speed. The PWC should be idled into position and then it will be guided up over the rollers with the throttle eased. 

Will it cause damage to my hull when driving on?

  • EZ Ports cannot possibly damage the hull of your PWC. The roller system of the EZ Port Max 2i is specifically designed to elevate your machine and glide it along the roller system, with no possibility of damage. No part of an EZ Port’s design can damage a personal watercraft.

How do you anchor a Personal Watercraft Port?

  • What makes the EZ Dock System universally adaptable is its ability to connect to any other dock, fixed or floating. To connect to a floating dock, we use EZ Dock’s floating hinge adaptor kit. For a fixed dock solution we use a stand-off pipe bracket.No matter where you intend to dock your PWC, an EZ Port can be easily integrated to any system you have; fixed docks, marina slips, existing floating docks, and a myriad of other residential, commercial, or event applications.

How do you dock a machine on an EZ Port – how does it work?

  • The EZ Port Max 2i does all the work for you, by design. When launching your PWC you put one hand on the rear of the seat and one on the handlebars while slowly walking the machine toward the water. After about a foot, the rollers will take over and the machine will proceed to glide into the water as you throw a leg over and board the machine.To dry dock on the Max 2i, it’s even easier. Approach the port and slowly idle toward the split tail entry point while guiding the nose of your PWC into the port. Once positioned slowly increase the throttle and your machine will be guided up the roller system to the self-centering cradle.

Is there a tie off spot, how do I keep it from rolling off the port?

  • The EZ Port Max 2i has integrated tie downs in the bow to ensure your machine will remain secured and protected.

EZ Port Max 2i – Technical Specs

EZ Port Max 2i Dimensions

Often replicated but never duplicated, EZ Dock remains the industry leader in drive-on Personal Watercraft Lifts

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