In 1991 EZ Dock engineers set out to create a floating dock system that would combine the stable rigidity of a fixed crib dock with the dynamic flexibility of a modular floating dock. The resulting patented system would forever change what floating dock buyers previously thought was possible for their waterfront.

Before the emergence of EZ Dock, floating dock systems were comparatively flimsy, unstable, and vulnerable to the potentially damaging elements of water fluctuation and wake.


What Makes EZ Dock Different than other Floating Dock Systems?

If you have investigated floating dock systems in the past, you may have been dissuaded by the inherent instability, durability, construction, or strength – But, not with an EZ Dock!


EZ Docks Boast Superior Strength

The strength of an EZ Dock comes from the layered Polyethylene construction. The roto-mould process continually sprays a resin composition inside the mould cavity while the dock is rotated in a 360-degree motion, creating evenly distributed layers that produce an average wall thickness of β…œβ€. It’s this inside-out layering process that makes EZ Docks the strongest modular floating dock on the market, producing a puncture resistance level of 1,950 PSI. Pound for pound, no floating dock can resist more torque tension or support more weight per square foot than an EZ Dock.