EZ Dock Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does an EZ Dock setup cost?

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This is a question we get all the time, unfortunately, it’s an unanswerable one. EZ Dock boasts the most comprehensive product line of any floating dock system on the market. As such, there are endless options for platform configurations, with varying prices. However, if you click here and describe your product needs and desired platform size, we will provide you with a ‘guide range’ in lieu of a custom quote. This range will help you broadly price your desired waterfront setup. If you’re looking for a starter setup – have a look at our promo packages.

Can an EZ Dock system be left in during the winter?

This is, without a doubt, the question we receive more than any other. The quick answer is – if you want to retain your EZ Dock warranty – you cannot leave your dock in the water during the winter season as it will be immediately voided. Having said that, we do have customers whose docks are situated in protected bays or small ponds that are left in during the winter season without issue, but they do so at their own peril. Even though EZ Docks are exceptionally strong, they cannot (nor can any dock) survive the destructive power of thousands of pounds of moving ice. Your EZ Dock system is an investment, and removing it for the winter season guarantees an exceptionally long lifespan. 

What other colours do EZ Docks come in?

In addition to the standard beige colour of the original EZ Dock system, the 2017 season saw the release of EZ Dock’s a new light grey colour throughout its product line. Check out these 2017 installations sporting the new – and very well received – brand new grey EZ Docks. And yes, every piece of the EZ Dock product line is available in this new colour!

Will an EZ Port PWC Lift fit my 3 seater machine?

The largest EZ Dock PWC lift – the EZ Port Max2i is 14 ft in length and is specifically designed to accommodate all makes of 3-seater PWC. More information on the EZ Port Max2i can be found here.

Can I put my boat on an EZ Dock PWC Lift?

As the innovative leader in drive-on dry docks, we are consistently asked if EZ Dock PWC ports can handle a boat. Some customers will utilize EZ Ports to dock their small aluminum boats, zodiacs, or other small watercraft; however, these ports are specifically built for Personal Watercraft. EZ Dock manufactures industry leading boat port options designed to accommodate boats of varying weight, length, hull shapes, engine placement (in or outboard). 

How are EZ Docks Anchored?

EZ Dock manufactures an array of anchoring options that allow for standalone setups or connection to existing floating or fixed docks. The majority of standalone EZ Dock installations are anchored via standard pipe brackets with 2 ½ inch pipes (the number of pipes is determined by the platform size) and aluminum augers that are driven into the bottom. These are connected to the EZ Dock system with our standard pipe brackets. Connections to existing floating docks are facilitated by an EZ Dock Hinge Adaptor Kit which is built to move as an extension of your floating dock during water fluctuation, with the ability to be side or top mounted. Additional anchoring like our Stand-off and dead-weight brackets can be seen here.

Is it easy to roll the Seadoo off an EZ Dock Port?

This is a question we get all the time when people inquire about EZ Dock PWC lifts. Personal watercraft can range in weight from 450 – 1,100 lbs, so the concern of launching your machine (utilizing manpower, not the engine) is a legitimate one. EZ Dock’s Max 2i Port was purposefully designed with effortless launching in mind. No matter the size or weight of a machine, anyone can easily launch a PWC with the sophisticated roller system and deep self-centering hull support of the Max 2i

Do EZ Docks hold up in rough water?

This is a critical question to ask when investigating the purchase of a floating dock system. Many people still assume floating docks aren’t as tough or durable as fixed docks in the face of inclement water conditions. This was one of the functional building blocks in the pioneering design of EZ Docks. The design and composition of EZ Docks utilize the principle of Hydrostatic Surface Tension in order to keep them securely situated just under the surface of the water, maintaining superior stability and buoyancy. EZ Docks have literally weathered the storm; hurricanes in fact.

What tools are required to install an EZ Dock?

The only custom tools required to assemble or disassemble EZ Docks are the ‘in-water’ installation tool and the customer nut driver. In addition to that you’ll need pry bar, hammer (heavy mallet ideally), and a 15/16” wrench or socket to fit the custom driver; that’s it! Have a look at an EZ Dock system being removed for the winter.

What kind of maintenance do EZ Docks require?

EZ Docks do not require any maintenance. It’s true! If you do want to get the longest life out of your EZ Dock system, we suggest that you take note of two suggestions.

  1. Make sure to remove your EZ Dock system for the winter season
  2. We recommend that you pressure wash your dock after the end-of-season removal and before reinstalling it for each new season

How much of the dock sits beneath and above the water?

EZ Docks’ patented air-trapping pylon chamber design creates buoyancy that keeps the dock suctioned to the water less than 2 inches beneath the surface. This leaves a freeboard dock height of just over 13 inches above the top of the water.

Is the surface of an EZ Dock slippery when wet?

The topside of EZ Docks feature a checkerboard and channel groove design that work together to disperse water off the sides of the dock, maintaining a completely slip-proof surface. Even in the event of extreme chop or torrential rainfall, walking on EZ Docks is never a safety concern.

What is inside an EZ Dock?

Nothing! It’s the truth. EZ Docks are single-mold sections with ⅜” thick walls enclosing nothing but air inside. This pioneering design utilizes no foam or float barrels, which means that EZ Docks are virtually immune to disintegration or breakdown of its materials over time. In fact, scientists who tested the lifespan of EZ Docks, returned a low estimated lifetime of 40 years and a potential high of over 100 years.

Will EZ Docks damage my boat or PWC?

The low-density polyethylene that comprises all EZ Docks cannot damage the sides or hulls of boats or PWC. The roller system of EZ Ports are designed to cradle, self centre, and elevate the hull of any size of PWC to ensure there is no potential of scratching, scraping or damaging your watercraft.