The First Dock of Its Kind, The Last Dock You’ll Ever Need


Meet Sandy. Sandy has had polio and uses a brace to help her get around. We installed this EZ Dock Kayak Launch for her and she could not be happier. This is the power of EZ Dock. For over 25 years, EZ Dock has expanded the capability of its patented, award-winning, floating dock system. With a growing list of accessories and new releases, the EZ Dock system continues to meet the waterfront living needs for people around the world. 

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Inside EZ Dock

EZ Dock 101: we take you through the functional design of the EZ Dock system and it's flexibility.

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EZ Dock In Action

See how EZ Dock performs on the water and how it can be tailored to your needs.

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EZ Dock DIY Tutorials

Learn to connect, disassemble or add EZ Dock components to your existing dock system.

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