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The First Dock of Its Kind, The Last Dock You’ll Ever Need

For over 25 years EZ Dock has worked to evolve the capability of its patented, award-winning, floating dock system.  With a growing list of accessories and new releases like the EZ Port VXP, EZ Dock continues to meet the waterfront living needs of people around the world. 

Check out 2019’s NEW EZ Port VXP 

EZ Dock Pigeon Lake

With Our Special Promos, Exclusive Offers and Our Pre-Owned Sell-Offs - We Make It Easy to Get Out On the Water

Inside the EZ Dock System

In these videos, we take you through the functional design of the EZ Dock system and its ingenious adaptability 

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EZ Dock In Action

In these videos, you'll see how EZ Dock performs out on the water and its extensive modular capability

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EZ Dock DIY Tutorials

In these videos, we show you how to connect, disassemble, or add EZ Docks to your existing dock system 

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