Modular floating dock systems are designed with the ability to create a platform of any shape and size. The EZ Dock system boasts an array of dock shapes and sizes; from standard rectangular pieces (in several sizes) to hexagonal and triangular sections. The patented connective design of EZ Docks allows for the creation of virtually any configuration of dock layout that can be imagined.

There Are 3 Key Elements

Adaptability – The EZ Dock system’s design gives you the freedom to easily alter the configuration of your dock platform at any time to accommodate new watercraft, host an event, or add new sections to your dock. All EZ Dock sections are designed with connecting pockets spaced every 20” around the perimeter. The spacing of these pockets and the varied shapes of dock sections guarantees you will never be limited by the capability of an EZ Dock to create the exact platform for your waterfront.



Ease Of Use – The modular nature of EZ Docks is made possible by its patented coupler system which connects each dock section by seating a coupler in a topside pocket and its direct opposite on the underside of the dock. The two couplers are then pulled together via a nylon and composite rod from the bottom that is pulled up between the docks and secured with a nut seated in the top coupler. This ingenious 4-piece connection system lets you connect, disassemble, rearrange or add to your EZ Dock in minutes (hence the name). EZ Dock’s lego-like connection system allows owners limitless possibilities to ensure it will be the last dock you ever need.



Water Level & Movement – Among the many benefits to owning modular floating docks is the ability to adapt and respond to water movement and changing levels while consistently maintaining a stable platform. The strength and rigidity of the EZ Dock moulds, coupled with its air chamber design are the key components that produce a floating dock system of unmatched stability. EZ Docks are specifically engineered to muffle and disperse wake and maintain topside equilibrium, all while rising and descending as the water level does. For the better part of 30 years, EZ Dock has been progressively engineering modular floating dock systems with ever-evolving capability. Modular floating docks continue to be the answer to the most difficult waterfront challenges around the world, and EZ Dock has been at the forefront of addressing and creating the solutions since 1991.

If you’re looking for a modular floating dock solution for a cottage, commercial application, or temporary waterfront access for an event – send us a detailed message here and we’ll call to discuss how EZ Dock can get you out on the water.