EZ Docks Feature An Array of Anchoring Options

In order for EZ Docks to be truly versatile, the engineers had to design the requisite hardware to make connecting to any shoreline or existing dock, possible. This understanding of the need for connective versatility evolved an extensive line of anchoring options that work with floating docks, fixed crib docks, cement shore walls, marina slips, and shorelines of virtually any kind.

There are 4 common anchoring solutions that account for the majority of dock systems we have installed throughout Ontario. Each anchoring type considers the following: the existing dock, water bottom consistency, depth, and anticipated water current or fluctuation.

Standalone EZ Dock Setups – Pipe Bracket with Aluminum Augers

This anchoring option is used for systems with a manageable water depth; generally less than 12’. The pipe size used with the Standard EZ Dock Pipe Bracket is – 2 ½”. The pipe is fitted with an aluminum auger and is then driven into the water bottom. Have a look at this option in action.

EZ Dock Pipe Anchoring

Connecting to an Existing Floating Dock – Hinge Adaptor Kit

Connecting EZ Dock Floating Hinge Adaptor

This anchoring option is used to connect EZ Docks to an existing floating dock setup. In most cases, the Hinge Kit is utilized to add EZ Ports to existing floating dock systems. The Hinge Kit allows both the existing dock and the EZ Dock system to move independently of one another while avoiding dispersing torsion stress to each dock system. The Hinge Kit can be mounted on the side or cresting the topside of the dock. Have a look at this option in action.

Connecting to an Existing Floating Dock With Too Much Depth – Bottomless Stand-Off Bracket

EZ Dock Bottomless Stand off

This anchoring option utilizes standard pipe brackets with stand-off collars. In this setup, the pipes remain suspended rather than being augered to the bottom. As mentioned above, depths exceeding 12’ are better accommodated by the bottomless stand-off option. Have a look at this option in action.

EZ Dock Bottomless Standoff

Securing An EZ Dock with Deadweight Brackets

Securing a standalone EZ Dock system or connecting one to an existing floating dock with significant water depth requires deadweight brackets. Deadweight brackets are connected (hung via half coupler connectors) on opposite sides of the dock with crossed chains running beneath the dock to the dead weights on the water bottom.

In addition to the anchoring options outlined above, EZ Dock has built anchoring to tackle just about any waterfront scenario; stiff-arm brackets, adjustable piling brackets, or deadweight winch inserts.