EZ Docks Give You Waterfront Design Freedom

Among its many claims to fame, the modular adaptability of the EZ Dock system remains as the ‘Wow Moment’ for all first-time users. No matter where our team is installing a new system – we always encounter a crowd of intrigued onlookers. The inquisitive crowds can be heard remarking “look how it goes together”.  The simple connective design of the EZ Dock system is really quite remarkable to those seeing it for the first time.

During installations we often have customers look at their configuration in the water and decide they would like to reposition a section from one side to another or adjust the orientation – while looking at us with an apologetic – “I’m sorry, would it be possible to move the port to the other side?”. Within minutes we have the adjustment made and they’re stunned by the speed at which EZ Docks can adjust to any waterfront design requirement.

They’re Called EZ-Dock for a Reason

Functional design is the key to the adaptable nature of the EZ Dock system. Every section, port, and accessory is built to easily connect with each other. Why is this important? It means that your dock setup can be adjusted and reconfigured whenever you require it. Just like rearranging the furniture in your living room when the mood strikes, the versatility of EZ Docks will allow you to effortlessly create the feng shui of your waterfront.

In just minutes you can move a section of your EZ Dock from one side to the other for a completely new arrangement when your purposes change; whether that be for an event you’re hosting or to accommodate a new boat, your EZ Dock will happily comply!

Easily Configure EZ Docks

There’s No Floating Dock System That Can Match the Versatile Ease-of-Use of an EZ Dock

Most floating dock designs attempt versatility, but EZ Dock takes it to another level. After nearly two decades of installing EZ Dock systems throughout Ontario, we can tell you without exaggeration that we have never encountered a shoreline, existing dock, or desired configuration an EZ Dock system couldn’t execute with ease.

Have you got a challenge for EZ Dock?

Tell us your waterfront vision – and we’ll show you a solution.