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There Is No Temporary Floating Dock System With More Versatility Than EZ Dock

Are you organizing an on-water event that requires an agile temporary floating dock solution? EZ Dock Greater Toronto Area has been providing rental docks for events and commercial applications across Southern Ontario since 2001.

After having facilitated hundreds of on-water events over nearly 20 years, there exists no event requirement or application for which an EZ Dock was not the ideal solution. The design elements and capable nature of EZ Docks that makes them the perfect temporary floating dock for your rental needs.

Over the years EZ Dock GTA has been tasked with creating rental platforms when other floating dock systems couldn’t effectively meet the requirements. The configurable versatility and market-leading performance of the EZ Dock system cannot be matched. See below how EZ Docks separate themselves from the rest of the pack:

Why Rent EZ Docks for Your Event?

  • True to their name, EZ Docks are assembled faster than any other floating dock system
  • They support more weight per section than any other dock
  • They can be configured to create a platform of any shape and size
  • They can be easily moved from one area to another during your event without having to be disassembled
  • They are the only floating dock system with a design that harnesses Hydrostatic Surface Tension that creates a superior connection to the water; creating the most stable floating dock system in the world.
  • They are compliant with all accessibility and safety requirements (In fact, they are Award-Winning in this area)They can be anchored virtually anywhere

Rent EZ Docks By the Season

In addition to offering short-term rental solutions, EZ Dock Greater Toronto area also has season-long rental options. Businesses in Canada experience a shorter season on the water – and for some – it doesn’t make sense to own a floating dock system when it remains idle for half the year.

That’s why we have season-long rental options that will provide your business with docks at the beginning of each year and remove them at season’s end.

EZ Docks Have Been Used By:

Toronto Triathlon Festival

  • They required a 2 day rental of a 10’ x 80’ starting platform dock to facilitate their trials for the PanAm Games

Swimming Canada

  • They required a week-long rental of a 30’ x 40’ platform for the Canadian Olympic Swimming Trials

EZ Dock Swimming Canada

Toronto Region Conservation Authority

  • They required a weekend rental for an unloading/docking platform for their Paddle the Don River Kayak event

EZ Dock Paddle the Don

EBS Construction

  • Required 40′ x 40′ floating work platform to drive helical piles to construct a walkway over a wetland. They needed to be able to actively move the platform as the work progressed. 

EZ Dock Floating Work Platform

Aecon Construction

  • They required a 10’ x 30’ work platform to enable them to make essential repairs to a bridge.

Flyboard Toronto

  • The World Flyboarding Championships required a 20’ x 30’ platform for launching and receiving athletes.

Elora Gorge Concert

  • EZ Docks were used to create a large floating platform in the middle of the Elora Gorge for an on-water concert like no other. 

EZ Dock Floating Concert Stage

Sarnia Marina

  • They required a 6’ x 40’ run of flexible and mobile dock solution to work alongside a 90’ yacht to perform in-water maintenance.

EZ Dock Marina Work Platform

In addition to the above examples of EZ Dock rental applications, EZ Dock GTA has provided rental systems for:

Weddings, Concerts, Conservation Areas, Personal Watercraft Demo Days, Campgrounds, Marinas, Waterfront Businesses, Boardwalks and host of other unique applications; the unmatched versatility of EZ Docks makes it the easy choice for a temporary floating dock system.

If you need to rent a temporary dock for an event or on-water work platforms, reach out to your EZ Dock Greater Toronto Area team with the specific requirements and we will put together a custom solution for you.

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