Since the engineers at EZ Dock first devised their award-winning drive-on personal watercraft lifts, they have continued to refine its key design elements to keep pace with the innovation of PWC manufacturers.

Focusing on constantly improving – cradling, protection, launching, and docking – EZ Dock continues to be a world leader in drive on dry-docking.

2019 saw EZ Dock release the newest addition to their line of Seadoo lifts – The EZ PORT VXP – and it has been an instant crowd pleaser; arriving to rave reviews in its first year.

The EZ Port VXP was designed with every mid-sized PWC on the market in mind. The design of the VXP has taken adaptability to the next level.

It Features – 8 rollers that can be set in any configuration in its 38 roller positions. No matter the haul or shape of your PWC – the VXP. It also features an overshoot bow stop that is moulded into the VXP’s single piece design. The VXP’s design also took a page from the EZ Port Max 2i, as it features a cut-out entry point to assist in centering your PWC during chop, wake or wind.

It is ideally suited for PWC under 1,300 lbs. Machines like:

Yamaha EX, Sea-Doo Spark and Trixx and the Kawasaki SX-R.

All EZ Ports feature the proprietary flotation design that utilizes pylon truss air chambers for superior buoyancy.

EZ Port VXP Georgian Bay

About EZ Ports

EZ Ports are all single-mould polyethylene sections enclosed with nothing but air inside.

EZ Docks do not contain any traditional flotation elements like wood, barrels, foam, or other fillers that are prone to disintegration.

All EZ Ports utilize the principle of Hydrostatic Surface Tension, which keeps EZ Docks securely connected to the water, regardless of inclement weather conditions or excessive boat wake in the area. This is the key to the stability of EZ Docks, and why it remains the most stable floating dock system on the market.

EZ Docks have the longest life of any dock system, floating or fixed. EZ Docks are virtually resistant to breakdown. In fact, they were scientifically tested for the conceivable lifespan; the tests were ceased when the scientists concluded a resistance to breakdown of up to 100 years.

EZ Docks require no maintenance. However, to keep them looking great, we suggest a power washing at the end (removal) and at the beginning of each season (return to the water).

The EZ Port VXP is the Dry-Dock Solution Your PWC Deserves

The Benefits of Docking Your PWC With EZ Ports

EZ Ports Prolong the Life of Your PWC By Keeping it Docked Completely Out of the Water – Avoiding:

  • Excessive turbulence due to water chop and wake boats
  • Banging against the dock or being pinched under the dock during unsettled weather conditions
  • Osmosis related damage from extensive idle time in the water
  • A long process each time you want to launch and dock your PWC

Say Goodbye to Whips, Cables, Hoisting, Zebra Mussels, Wake damage, Trailer-docking, frayed wires, Damaged Gunwales or Gel-coat Touch-ups; the EZ Port VXP will prolong the life of your PWC.

Don’t spend money on your dream machine only to let it sit in the elements all the time. Let the EZ Port VXP protect your investment!

EZ Port VXP Technical Specs

DIMENSIONS: 153″ L x 58.5″ W x 14.58″ H, WEIGHT CAPACITY 1,300 lbs.

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