The Story of EZ Dock Began by Solving Commercial Floating Dock Needs – Specifically – Marinas

This one marina owner’s need to protect the key element of his business led to the development of a dock system that is now competently solving waterfront needs. In lakes and waterways in more than 70 countries around the world, EZ Dock is a leader in modular floating dock solutions.

We Rent Temporary Floating Dock Systems

For nearly 20 years the EZ Dock Greater Toronto Area team has been providing floating dock solutions to a myriad of commercial applications; temporary and permanent. We have facilitated marinas, campgrounds, waterfront businesses, conservation areas, on-water industrial work crews, summer sporting events, and even weddings!

Why Do EZ Docks Make the Best Floating Dock Solution for Your Rental Needs?

No matter the application, body of water, or functional requirement, the inherent flexibility of the EZ Dock system enables us to create a custom solution to address in on-water need.

EZ Dock Grey Pond Setup

No Limitations

The modular design behind the EZ Dock system is what makes it the ideal solution for temporary floating dock needs. With connective pockets surrounding the perimeter of every dock section (every 20”), EZ Docks can be configured and connected to create any size and shape of platform required.

Whether you need to create a walkway, platform or docking slips, EZ Docks can be set, rearranged, adjusted and moved in minutes to actively respond on the fly to the changing needs.

EZ Dock Orr Lake

Not sure how a temporary dock will work in the area you require it? The EZ Dock system features a varied selection of anchoring options that address existing platforms (floating or fixed), cement walls, free-floating (dead weights), or secured to any shoreline in a standalone situation.

Water Movement Response

EZ Docks will make sure your on-water event goes off without a hitch regardless of what the water is doing. EZ Docks constantly adapt to water movement and level all while maintaining a stable platform above. Regardless of the nuances of the body of water where you need your temporary dock system installed, EZ Docks will adapt and perform accordingly. If you need a temporary floating dock solution where the water level will be variable, the current unsettled or fast-moving, you need the torsion absorbing ability of the EZ Dock system.

EZ Dock Boat Slip Rough Water

Rush Installations

The EZ Dock system is aptly named. People are consistently stunned by the speed at which an EZ Dock platform can be assembled. If your on-water event requires a temporary dock solution that can be laid out in hours rather than days and you need it yesterday; contact the EZ Dock Greater Toronto Area team and tell us what your event requires, and we’ll provide a floating dock solution.

Stable Strength

Are you expecting large crowds of visitors for your event? Do you have a lot of equipment you need out on the water? EZ Docks boast the most stable and supportive floating docks on the market. The stable floatation of EZ Docks supports more weight per square foot than any other floating dock. Below you will see the most common dock sizes and the capable floatation capacity for a single section.

40” X 10’ Dock Section – Floatation Capacity: 2,000 lbs. (907.2 kg)

60” X 10’ Dock Section – Floatation Capacity: 3,000 lbs. (1,360.8 kg)

80” X 10’ Dock Section – Floatation Capacity: 4,000 lbs. (1,814.4 kg)

Based on these numbers it’s easy to see just how strong an EZ Dock platform is when you begin adding pieces together. EZ Docks have supported walkways with thousands of people, event displays with trucks, and even supported excavators.

EZ Docks not only support an exceptional amount of weight, but they do so without any sway or rocking motion. The pylon truss air chamber design creates an unbreakable adhesion to the water that produces consistent topside equilibrium. No matter how unsettled the water is below, the people on the docks will not feel it – thanks to EZ Dock’s wake muffling and dissipation design.

EZ Docks have been tasked with the most challenging of on-water applications around the world and responded as the only viable solution.


The EZ Dock has won awards for their continuous focus on universal accessibility. Each product in its line conforms to the accessibility guidelines for recreation facilities. The design of EZ Docks not only follows accessibility regulations and protocol but also a strict adherence to safety initiatives as well. EZ Docks feature a slip-resistant checkerboard surface mould and integrated channels that funnel and disperse water from the dock to maintain a dry surface. EZ Docks do not contain any wood, nails or other construction materials that could cause injury.

EZ Dock Universal Accessibility

If you require a temporary floating dock system for a marina, work platform, event or long-term solution – contact us here