Water Fluctuation

EZ Dock Mastered Floating Dock Stability

Floating dock systems have the unique ability to move with changing water level or chop and adjust accordingly. However, that ‘freedom of movement’ can also leave floating docks potentially vulnerable to instability during unsettled conditions. Initial floating dock system designers found it challenging to effectively blend these seemingly opposing functionalities. The engineers at EZ Dock recognized the need for freedom of movement and the requisite challenge of topside stability.

EZ Dock turned to science to achieve the desired equilibrium, specifically – Hydrostatic Surface Tension; this would be the principle used to produce the most stable floating dock system on the market. The resulting design featured unique hollowed-out pylon truss chambers to trap air for superior buoyancy. These chambers effectively trapped air between the dock and the water surface, simultaneously buoying the dock while creating a powerful suction force to the water. This virtually unbreakable seal to water surface maintains a constantly leveled platform during water fluctuation.

Stability of EZ Docks

The Key Distinction is Surface Vs. Suction

Traditional floating docks are ‘surface riders’, which means they are susceptible to breaking their connection to the water surface during chop. If this occurs, the platform will rock and sway at the mercy of the water, and the topside will reflect the resultant instability. The suction and wake-muffling design of an EZ Dock works to become a part of the water and proactively reacts to level fluctuation, chop, and wake with unmatched self-leveling stability.

Walk On Water With Confidence – EZ Dock Ensures You Won’t Feel It Moving

The air pocket suction that keeps EZ Docks securely positioned in the water also works to dissipate chop. The dock’s profile in the water competently absorbs and muffles boat wake and water chop by dispersing the incoming force. In conditions that would cause typical floating docks to break their connection with the water, EZ Docks’ unbreakable seal ensures a topside stability that most people find hard to believe when standing upon it.

Take the EZ Dock Challenge with us, we guarantee you’ve never walked on a floating dock system that feels more secure!